Listed herewith are the names of charter members of a new council that has been instituted in the town of Franklin in the jurisdiction of Somerset, New Jersey.

The date of institution of this new council was November 17, 1988. The name selected and adopted for this new council is St. Matthias of Somerset.

Robert J. Bancone
David Bodden
Albert J. Brickey*
Raymond A. Camarda
John C. Clyde*
Martin F. Collins*
George P. Cook*
Martin M. Crowe Jr.
William H. Cullen III
Russell B. Demkovitz
Jack J. Fisco*
Christopher P. Giblin
Kevin T. Gray
Stephen J. Holzinger II
Fred R. James
Norman A. Jason
Stephen C. Klisch Sr*
Stephen J. Klisch*
John V. Komar*
Patrick C. Leonard
James T. Luxhoj
John J. Macauley*
Thomas Mager
John H. Marold
John M. Martinez
James J. McDaid*
Robert J. McInerney
James Mulroy
Angelo J. Olivieri*
John P. Ostynski
Richard J. Pleconis*
John J. Rogan
James J. Rowan*
Anthony J. Salina*
John C. Sanford
Leo C. Shanosky*
J. Mark Shedden
Vincent P. Simpson
John F. Sullivan*
Rev. Joseph B. Szulwach*
Anthony Vaccaro
Frank G. Varela
Richard F. Vetter*
Walter T. Wojnas*
Edward R. Wyckoff
Douglas R. Wynter
Names displayed in red are currently active members.

Names displayed followed by an
* are deceased.

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