Members who have attained the actual age of 65 years and who have been members of the Order for 25 consecutive years shall be designated as honorary members.

The honorary member is exempt from general fund charges, except payment of an amount equal to the sum of Supreme Council assessments and the annual levies of your state council. Because of this annual payment requirement, a paper membership card must be issued by the financial secretary on a yearly basis. The honorary member must present that paper card to gain access to Knights of Columbus functions.
Sir Knight William H. Cullen, PGK
Sir Knight Russell B. Demkovitz, PGK
Brother Thomas Mager, PGK
Brother Robert McGill, Jr.
Brother Salvatore Saladini
Members who have attained the actual age of 70 years and who have been members of the Order for 25 consecutive years, and those who have been members of the Order for 50 consecutive years, regardless of age, shall be designated as honorary life members.

Honorary Life members are exempt from further payment of dues, per capita charges and assessments. No Supreme or state council assessments are levied against them.
All priests and religious brothers who have taken their final or perpetual vows are automatically designated as honorary life members upon receiving the First Degree of the Order.

Sir Knight William Barba, PGK, PFN, FDD, PCP
Rev. Chester H. Carino
Brother Rocco L. DiCosola - Deceased
Sir Knight Martin F. Collins - Deceased
Brother George P. Cook
Sir Knight William A. Csehi
Sir Knight Martin E. Engelhardt, PGK, PFN
Rev. Douglas J. Haefner
Brother James Isola
Sir Knight Donald P. Kiselyk
Brother Alexander Kucsma
Sir Knight John M. Martinez
Brother Richard J. Manzo
Brother John B. McGuinness
Sir Knight Glen E. Miller
Sir Knight Karel Neliden - Deceased
Brother William G. Oberlander
Brother Alexander T. Pagnetti - Deceased
Sir Knight Joseph J. Pellicane, PGK
Brother James P. Pettit
Sir Knight Richard J. Pleconis
Sir Knight Edward E. Rachilla
Brother John J. Rogan
Brother James J. Sabella
Brother Francis E. Sellinger Jr.
Brother Vincent P. Simpson
Brother Joseph Toto - Deceased
Brother Raymond A. Varela
Brother Bernard D. Waddleton
Brother Dr. Keith Wilson
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